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Digital Process Inspection Verification

Task verification, FOD detection, rapid sensor integration, and automated feedback enhancements.

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ProjectionWorks on the F-35 Lightning

This video shows how ProjectionWorks is helping Northrop Grumman assemble the F-35. The introduction of this installation into the F-35 program is expected to save over $100 million over the life of the program.

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ProjectionWorks Featured in

Previously, 2D flat drawings had challenges to define the exact fastener locations on curved faces. The shop floor used to draw the fastener maps on nylon pieces and wrap the pieces around the doors to convey work instructions or run quality checks. Now the fastener maps that were previously made on nylon pieces have been digitized.

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DirectProject + Romer Arm Scanner

A Romer Arm Scanner was used to measure surface deviation from the CAD model. The colors represent the amount of deviation from nominal.

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HarnessWorks Featured in Wiring Harness News

The HarnessWorks pilot program was featured in the November issue of Wiring Harness News. Download the full PDF here.

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DSC Launches DirectProject

Announcing the release of DirectProject - an application shell that allows custom tailored applications to be written to leverage ProjectionWorks 3D projectors.

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ProjectionWorks Featured in Gulfstream’s Quarterly Magazine – Nonstop

3-D innovation slashes production time, boosts design options and provides owners greater participation in their aircraft build.

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Whitepaper – The Effects of Augmented Reality on Human Performance

Using Augmented Reality (AR) to provide work instructions to assembly technicians causes an instantaneous human performance enhancement (HPE).

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ProjectionWorks Featured in Fly-Corporate Article

Gulfstream‘s Savannah completions center has introduced 3D projection technology into its paint scheme development process.

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Return on Investment Whitepaper

Examples of applying Augmented Reality (AR) to real-world assembly applications.