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ProjectionWorks on the F-35 Lightning

This video shows how ProjectionWorks is helping Northrop Grumman assemble the F-35. The introduction of this installation into the F-35 program is expected to save over $100 million over the life of the program.

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DirectProject + Romer Arm Scanner

A Romer Arm Scanner was used to measure surface deviation from the CAD model. The colors represent the amount of deviation from nominal.

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DSC Launches DirectProject

Announcing the release of DirectProject - an application shell that allows custom tailored applications to be written to leverage ProjectionWorks 3D projectors.

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ProjectionWorks Featured in Gulfstream’s Quarterly Magazine – Nonstop

3-D innovation slashes production time, boosts design options and provides owners greater participation in their aircraft build.

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Whitepaper – The Effects of Augmented Reality on Human Performance

Using Augmented Reality (AR) to provide work instructions to assembly technicians causes an instantaneous human performance enhancement (HPE).

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Return on Investment Whitepaper

Examples of applying Augmented Reality (AR) to real-world assembly applications.

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ProjectionWorks in Aviation Week

Northrop Grumman is opening up new production spaces and introducing advanced manufacturing technology on its F-35 center fuselage integrated assembly line (IAL) here in preparation for a doubling production in the next five years.

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Innovation Award for Delta Sigma Company

Airplane Mechanic’s Frustration Leads to U.S. Department of Defense. ProjectionWorks/FILLS Team Replaces Blueprints, Masking Tape and Sticky Notes With 3-D Projection Technology

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ProjectionWorks Receives Letter from U.S. Congress

We are honored to receive a letter from Phil Gingrey, a member of Congress, for the Defense ManTech Achievement Award.