We use Augmented Reality through a hardware/software system that imports existing and/or creates new 3-D geometry to project simple yet concise work instructions onto contoured surfaces to solve complex assembly tasks.

What is Augmented Reality?

A computer generated augmentation to physical reality. Both physical reality (things that actually exist) and virtual reality (things that are computer generated) are merged into a single cohesive visual experience.

What is <span>Augmented Reality</span>?


Shift thinking from doing it the right way to doing it the best way EVERY TIME.

  • Direct labor costs reduced to 0.29x
  • Build time standard deviation reduced to 0.31x
  • Errors reduced to 0.08x



Augmented Reality in manufacturing:

Improves Performance in:

  • Quality by having everyone perform your best practices
  • Schedule by providing all information needed regardless of experience level.
  • Costs by significantly reducing span time and rework.

Reduces your:

  • Recurring labor costs for assembly tasks
  • Recurring training costs
  • Rework

Winner of the 2012 Defense Manufacturing Technology Award

The 2012 Defense Manufacturing Technology (ManTech) Achievement Award recognizes and honors the team whose project demonstrated outstanding technical accomplishments in achieving the Department of Defense ManTech Program vision to “realize a responsive world-class manufacturing capability to affordably meet war fighters needs throughout the defense system life cycle.” The annual award is sponsored by the Joint Defense Manufacturing Technology Panel (JDMTP), and was presented on Nov. 27, 2012, at the Defense Manufacturing Conference in Orlando.

ProjectionWorks changes the way we think about assembling complex structures the way that CAD programs changed the way we think about designing them. With this progressive technology, we expect to save up to $91 million for the center fuselage assembly at our Palmdale F‐35 program. There’s no going back.

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